# About us

About The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 independent and equal sovereign states encompassing many ethnicities and faiths. Each is committed to upholding shared values and principles to promote and protect Democracy, Human Rights, the Rule of Law and Equality for all citizens in accordance with the Commonwealth Charter.

About The Royal Commonwealth Society

  • Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
  • Vice-Patron: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall
  • Honorary Patron: Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario


The Royal Commonwealth Society (originally named the Colonial Society, later re-christened as the Royal Colonial Society, the Royal Colonial Institute and lastly as the Royal Empire Society) is a network of individuals and organizations committed to improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the world.


Its mission is to support and promote the modern Commonwealth, its various cultures and values. The Society acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas and, through its broad-ranging public affairs programme, offers a forum for the debate, research and development of Commonwealth thinking on key international issues.  


Through its educational, youth and outreach programmes, the Royal Commonwealth Society seeks to encourage young people to develop their skills and, with an increased understanding of their role as global citizens, to engage with challenges facing the international community.


Royal Commonwealth Society of Toronto

We offer a dynamic program of Commonwealth speakers, symposia, debates, and social events.

Our Work

We support a range of youth initiatives, such as the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition, the Commonwealth Youth Network of Toronto, and the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence.


We are a member of the Loyal Societies of Toronto, a network of organizations that share a common allegiance to the Crown.